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Prophecy for Children

The Hidden Treasure of the DEAD SEA SCROLLS

The Hidden Treasure of the DEAD SEA SCROLLS

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Did you know the bible was written by God?
He used His prophets, scribes, judges, kings, and disciples to write down whatever He spoke through them. They wrote down the history of everything that's happened since before creation!
Did you know that those same men wrote other books that are not included in our modern Bible? 
God made sure His Living Word - the Bible, stood above all other writings. He did however inspire additional books through these same authors about history, wisdom, and prophecy.

Those books remained hidden in caves - like precious treasure, for over 1800 years for us to find and read one day! Those caves, called the Qumran caves, are just outside of Jerusalem near the Dead Sea. Those hidden treasures inside the caves are called 

The Dead Sea Scrolls!

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